United Indie Book Blog

A Few Authors Blogging About Books


We are an elite team of women that love nothing more than to read an amazing book! 

We also love to give authors our honest opinions of their books.
We are here to give you 100% honest and wholesome reviews, 
We also will post your cover reveals, release dates and teasers if that is what you wish for. 

So, feel free to contact us on our email or Facebook Page!

~United Indie Book Blog~ 

Review Guidelines for United Indie Book Blog:

5 Star Reviews- 

These are books that have blown your hair back and are something that you have to scream from the rooftops about. You are going to tell all your friends and even the neighbor’s dog to buy the book

4 Star Reviews- 

I loved the story but there is just something missing from it. I would read it again if I had to and I will tell others to read it also

3 Star Reviews- 

I struggled with this book. Maybe if it was gone over a little bit better I would like it more.

IF we come across something that we think is below a 3 star rating, at that point Rose will be contacted to look into it further and talk it over with the author.

We are given the books we review by the free will of the authors and/or writers that give them to us. They are given in exchange for our honest opinion of their writing.

Any questions, feel free to contact us directly!


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